Snow socks for car - snow chains alternative - worried about driving this winter?

AutoSock: The product

AutoSock are intended for short term use, e.g. to get you home when you leave the ploughed and salted roads.

AutoSock are textile 'socks' which you slip over the driving wheels of vehicles which need extra grip on ice or snow. There's only one possible way to fit them, so no practice is needed. They are supplied in pairs, are reusable time and again, and take up minimal space.

Unless you have winter tyres it doesn't take much to get caught out in snowy weather, however good a driver you are. If you want to be confident that you can get to work, to school, or just to get home, you really need to carry AutoSock. It's this simple!

Most people are not only surprised but astonished at the difference they make to overall grip, cornering, and braking.

The grip is due to dry friction, coupled with the use of high-tech textiles. Testing has shown that AutoSock are even more effective than winter tyres, including acceleration and braking on ice and snow, and hill starts, but they are intended for short term use only - they're a "Get out of trouble" solution.

AutoSock is the original "car snow sock", invented and developed in Norway, approved by numerous car manufacturers, and tested and certified by the German TÜV for its performance, safety and durability. There are several copy products in Ireland this winter - AutoSock own the relevant EU patents and legal action is in progress - but we hope you will only want to use the original and best. AutoSock is used by Ireland's emergency services.

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